Educational Support

Tapton-Ed-200Paul Spurr conducts private tutoring at ‘The Rooms’ in Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry. Paul has taught these subjects to pupils from 12 to 22 years of age, but mainly GCSE and A Level students.

His role model was his school science teacher at a school called Tapton in Sheffield – hence the name of Paul’s business ‘Tapton Ed.’ His teacher always had an interesting experiment on “the bench” to demonstrate the subject, which gripped the pupils’ attention. That teacher was inspirational and Paul determined he would aim to be a Physicist from an early age. This experience made Paul realise just how instrumental a good teacher can be!

As well as Physics, Paul’s other passion is Astronomy, a subject he lectures in and, during the winter of 2010, ran a night school course in Dorchester.

PaulPaul recognizes that some of the concepts in his subjects can be difficult and tries to put himself in the student’s position. He worked for BP for most of his life, where young foreign engineers were often put with him to tutor & mentor – he believes this helped him to hone his explanation skills. He loves building things up from first principles, by using drawings on a white board, which can then be photographed so the student has a permanent record.

When not teaching locally, he is a guest lecturer for Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen and has conducted a number of Petroleum Engineering courses abroad on their behalf.

Paul holds a 1st Class Honours Degree in Physics.

If you’d like to find out more please contact Paul on:

t. 01305 262686  or m. 077 8624 3306 or email